More than a crowdsourced map: How OpenStreetMap is becoming a mapping standard, and why you should care

Standardization can have a profound effect on industries and the people they interact with. Done

How to Make a Tile Grip Map Using Google Sheets

A tile grid map can be a clear way to show ranges of values for a country or a selection of count

Scary maps: A warning

When you’re heading in the wrong direction, your map should tell you. I just landed hom

QGIS Map Design, 2nd Edition

From August 30, 2018: Updated to be used with QGIS 3.4, the second edition of QGIS

Geospatial Data Act Passes With Industry Support

When the Geospatial Data Act was first reintroduced to Congress in May of 2017, it received enorm

Maps fresh off the [Word]press!

Wordpress users: You’re in luck! Victor Temprano, the founder of Vancouver-based Mapst

Take your map to the next cartographic level

Scenario: You have some data. You mapped it. It looks all right you guess. But you wanted to

Adding truth to the election debate

Crossposted from VentureBeat. When truth is increasingly subjective, maps can be a

OpenStreetMap community goes to Bangalore For State of the Map Asia 2018

ಬೆಂಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಸ್ವಾಗತ!(Welcome to Bengaluru!) Bengaluru is all set to host State of the Map

How Google wipes Palestine off the map

Like the other Silicon Valley monopolies, Google habitually takes the side of Israeli occupation

Google Data Search – Is this a new way to search for maps, satellite imagery, aerial Imagery, LiDAR data and more?

Here are my views on why Google Data Search is going to to be important for the geospatial c

Introducing Dark Hillshade

A few years ago, we introduced Multi-Directional Hillshade as a server raster function

Mapping the Progression of Invasive Species with Crowdsourced Data

Nature journal Scientific Data has released a study from Anglia Ruskin Univer

How Does GPS Technology Affect Our Understanding of Place?

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in eve

What it feels like to get lost

It’s 7:04 am, the heated seats just started warming up. The sun gently warms my right s

Ortho Mapping in ArcGIS Pro Part II: Getting Adjusted

In Part I of this blog series, we explained what an ortho mapping workspace is and how

Story Maps: Shaping the Next Generation of Storytelling Apps

Esri Story Maps have come leaps and bounds since their infancy in 2011. The applications evo

The shapes shaping democracy

Election districts are the basic geometries of our democracy, determining which communities a

3D mapping global population density: How I built it

This past week, I released Human Terrain: Visualizing the World’s Population, in 3

Mapping 57 million agricultural fields with AI

Powered by an impressive combination of AI, machine learning, computer vision, and data visua

How to Use the Equal Earth Map Projection in Different GIS and Mapping Software Applications

A lot of buzz has been generated by the recently released Equal Earth map projection.  

Working Smarter: Start Your Digital Transformation

You may think that this blog is going to focus on technology, but we need to know how to get star

Meet Orbital Insight – the Geospatial AI startup that provides answers on demand!

Remember that scene in the TV show Billions where the protagonist, Bobby Alexrod explains how all

New map styles and vector tiles for Tableau

The excitement at Tableau Conference 2018 about the addition of vector maps is off the charts

How Google and Apple are killing tourism for 2 Australian towns

We are no stranger to map fail stories. Vehicles plunging into water bodies, tourists findin

GIS and Map Contests Roundup

Map and GIS data competitions are a great way to promote geospatial work and receive industry rec

Mapping active hurricanes

Storms are raging across the U.S. during this very active 2018 hurricane season. Many are int


The nation’s infrastructure is at a critical crossroads. The sustainability of roads, sewer

IMPACT: A peek inside one of Europe’s hottest startup accelerators

IMPACT is considered as one of Europe’s best startup accelerator programs, having

A peek inside Bing Maps API’s features, pricing structure and more

It has been a few months since Google Maps rather controversial pricing structure changes came in

Kinetica Kickbox.js built with Mapbox GL

Our partners at Kinetica just launched Kickbox.js for Mapbox GL, an open source code acceler

Using Visual Crossing’s Location Analysis Plugin in Excel

Sean McCafferty provides an overview of Location Analysis, a new Excel Add-in from Virtual C

Earth Explorers mission: Aeolus, “The Keeper of Winds”

At the end of August this year, European Space Agency was happy to announce the success

Are We Getting Warmer? - See for yourself

Yes, it’s true – you can use climate data in ArcGIS Pro and see for yoursel

How Location Intelligence improves trade area coverage during retail mergers and acquisition

When Amazon announced its acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.1 billion dollars last year analysts

Esri Secure Development Lifecycle Overview Released

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, ensuring the products and services you receive from a s

Your guide to installing Insights for ArcGIS

Whether you’re setting up Insights for ArcGIS with ArcGIS Online or&nbs

Exploring Ocean Sensors with Insights for ArcGIS

Sensor data is pivotal in helping communities prepare for large scale coastal events. While I

A new use for Google Maps: calculating a city’s carbon footprint

Looking at a city’s Google Maps data, in combination with other data, a new tool from G

EagleView’s imagery explorer shows the impact of Hurricane Florence from above

EagleView built an imagery viewer that combines multiple data sources to show the effec

SatSummit 3

There’s something profound about looking at Earth from high above. I’m fee

Missed out on attending the Location Intelligence Event of the year? Here’s an overview

CARTO held its second edition of the “CARTO Locations” event earlier this year in Mad

Alexa Auto Integration

Amazon just announced the launch of Alexa Auto, an aftermarket device that plugs into the car&rsq

Hurricane Season: Geospatial technology’s role in disaster preparation, response, and recovery

No matter what Hollywood thrillers like Geostorm suggest, we cannot use satellites to c

How we Explored Outdoors

You all killed it in our August Explore Outdoors Contest! We loved touring your favorite hometown

Airware shutdown: How to crash and burn a $118M drone startup

On April 19, 2018, Yvonne Wassenaar, CEO of Airware, announced in a blog post that the

What’s New with Insights 3.0 (September 2018)

We’re happy to announce that Insights for ArcGIS 3.0 is now available!  This rele

Live Electoral Maps: A Guide to Feature State

This is part two of a guide series on electoral maps and data visualization. Make sure to check o

Help us identify the Top 100 geospatial companies and startups in the world!

At Geoawesomeness, we have always loved talking to companies and startups working with location d

SatSummit: Disaster response, AI, open data, NASA, and food security from space

We’re down to the final 10 tickets. SatSummit will be sold out again because of the amazing

Samsung’s new smarthome-ready GPS tracking device is powered by LTE

Are you one of those people who can never seem to locate their keys? Or a doting parent who wants

Driving down distribution costs with Location Intelligence

The logistics industry is under increasing pressure thanks to rising costs, a shrinking labor for

AR and 3D in a secure environmentAR and 3D in a secure environment

By: Becky Harris Atlas, our on-premises mapping and location platform, lets you ac

UAE ministry to use drones to map agricultural areas

The UAE's Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) is introducing a new project to

Esri User Conference to highlight mapping technology

Esri will be hosting its 38th annual Esri User Conference July 9-13 at the San Diego Co

GIS-Powered irrigation: the secret ingredient for yummy Thai food

Accurate mapping of geographic and geologic features of farmlands is enabling scientist

Everything Potato Growers Should Know About Remote Sensing

Have you scouted your potato crop without touching it physically? If so, congratulations

Check-in Is Quick and Easy at This Year's Esri User Conference

Helpful Details and Tips for a Successful Conference We are looking forward to hosting you in Sa

How GIS is enabling the agricultural sector

GIS in agriculture is not a new phenomenon anymore. The agricultural sector is the

SimActive Software for Precision Agriculture in Brazil

SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, is proud to announce u

Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up

After a rough first impression, an apology from the CEO, several years of pat

Buffalo County to continue free access to GIS

Buffalo County residents will continue to have free access to geographic information in Buffa

New Esri book shows how to analyze and map surface water features

Esri has published GIS for Surface Water: Using the National Hydrography Dataset, the o

2018 Esri User Conference

As in previous years, Urisa’s GISCorps will be represented at the upcoming Esri User Conferenc

Save the date for the Esri WAMEA UC

Join your peers from the global user community at the region’s largest GIS conference, for

An Overview of GIS History and Its Uses

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is designed to capture, manipulate, store, analyze, and man

Who Maps the World?

“For most of human history, maps have been very exclusive,” said Marie Price, the f

Local enterprises demonstrate the changing face of agriculture

Advances in technology have fundamentally changed the way an array of long-established industries fu

How GIS is enabling the agricultural sector

GIS in agriculture is not a new phenomenon anymore. The agricultural sector is the mainstay of th

Multiprocessing with ArcGIS – Raster Analysis

With growing raster dataset sizes, the processing times for analysis is becoming longer and longe

Open Listings rethinks real estate

Open Listings is targeting tech-savvy homebuyers with a “you find the home, you keep the sa

Top 18 maps and charts that explain Oscars, Hollywood and The Film Industry

The Oscars are the most prestigious event in the Hollywood. Each year the Academy Awards brings i

How GIS can help us have a safer world

Be it leading a healthier life, staying protected from disasters or having a stronger military pr

Jordanian addressing startup raises $100K from GMS Ventures & Investments

NavCode is a Jordanian smart addressing app that contains user information such as name, phon

Abu Dhabi Municipality Launches Three Smart Apps During the Concepts and Innovations Forum

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) revealed HE Saif Bader Al Qubaisi, Director General of the

State of the Map 2018

State of the Map is the global conference of the OpenStreetMap project. Join us in Milan, Italy f

Nobody Wants to Let Google Win the War for Maps All Over Again

On any given day, there could be a half dozen autonomous cars mapping the same street corner in S

HERE-quality maps and positioning: now available indoors

Providing maps and positioning capabilities inside of warehouses, offices, or other large spaces

Transforming Satellite Imagery Classification with Deep Learning

Machine learning has transformed many fields and the way we conduct research. For GIS and the spa

Adding photos to a crowd sourcing project - Cyclone Gita

Once again we would like to invite you to participate in a crowd sourcing project, this time for


DURING THE COLD War, on the vast, barren flatland around Area 51's dried-up Groom Lake

thinkWhere Connects Transport Scotland’s Aberdeen Bypass Project

Working alongside the Construction Joint Venture, GIS company thinkWhere is helping to improve co

Reimagine INSPIRE by Leveraging Open Data and Web GIS

The Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) Directive has made good progress t

See South Korea's 2018 Winter Olympics venues in new photos taken from space

The world is just a month away from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The wi

Trimble introduces next generation GNSS reference receiver

Trimble introduced its next-generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference re

This incredible map shows the undersea cables that keep the internet alive — and security services are worried Russia could cut them

This map shows how the huge, complicated network of undersea cables which keep the internet runni

GIS is Resolving Issues: Saudi Shoura wants Customs Department run as independent authority

RIYADH - A Shoura Council committee has called for the transfer of the Saudi Customs Dep

Beirut Design Week: Design and the City

In 2018, Beirut Design Week (BDW) returns for its seventh edition themed “Design and the Ci

Big data, AI, the value of GIS and other issues in Geospatial for 2018

As we enter 2018, geospatial technology is adapting to a changing business climate where there is

Location-based apps – taking advantage of untapped opportunities

Location, location, location – we all know how important it is. However, when it comes

HERE + UNIFLY joining forces to map our airspace

According to Engadget in March 2017, there are over 770,000 drone owners registered to

Apply for an Open Data Day mini-grant

Celebrate Open Data Day on March 3rd, and join or organize one of the dozens of e

Digitization of geospatial data, easy accessibility has taken the industry to masses

The geospatial industry is experiencing more of an accelerating evolution as we react&n

Global challenges, local perspectives

A few months ago, DataCity launched its smart city program in 3 new cities: Singapore, Bangalore

Discover the globe 🌎 🌍 🌏

Lè Shine is inspired by a globe Tristen Brown and I came across. It was sitting in a

4 tips for an easier CAD-to-GIS transition

Many organizations face the challenge of integrating CAD

Presentation Proposals Invited for GIS-Pro & CalGIS 2018 in Palm Springs

URISA is thrilled to partner with the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) an

GCC indoor LBS market to top $1.2bn by 2025

The GCC indoor location-based service (LBS) market is estimated to be worth more than $1.2 bi

Qatar to introduce 4D mapping features in GIS

The Center for Geographic Information Systems(CGIS) under the Ministry of Municipality and Enviro

Esri Releases World's First Complete Utility GIS Platform

REDLANDS, Calif., Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Esri, the global leader in geographic in

The founder of a satellite imagery startup aiming to raise £20 million this year

LONDON — In only eighteen months a small group of data scientists in Glasgow have helpe

The case for open-source GIS

I have nothing against ESRI, they have been innovators in the geospatial software world from the

Use our RACE framework to discover your ability to Plan, Reach, Act, Convert and Engage

Two years ago we launched our free interactive marketing benchmarking tool to help memb

Money Verse Maps

Talk to any GISer at some point as had a friend or colleague who has left Spati

Announcing Azure Location Based Services public preview

Microsoft announced the Public Preview availability of Azure Location Based Services (LB

Multi-user AR experience

There’s a reason the AR experiences you’ve used are siloed. Having multiple users

Google says 'no changes' to mapping platform in China after report

Alphabet Inc's Google said on Tuesday it has made "no chang

Taking Web GIS to scale with Distributed GIS

Geographic information systems (GIS) have proven their worth in a vast array of disciplines and o


IF YOU WANT to drive the 15 or so miles from Jerusalem to the city of Jericho, in the Palest

what3words Receives Investment from Daimler AG

what3words, a London, UK-based provider of global addressing system that allows people to find &a

Partnering with Mapbox: A New Stack for Location Intelligence

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with Mapbox that better integrates each co

Combining Esri default (raster) basemaps with vector basemaps

As an administrator of your organization, you can choose which basemaps your organization uses to

Four ways to build a smart community

The United Arab Emirates and its biggest city, Dubai have taken some of the boldest steps in gove

Orbit GT and Mena 3D, Germany, sign Reseller Agreement

Orbit GT is happy to announce that Mena3D, Germany, has joined as Authorized Reseller of Orbit GT

Agriculture Technology: How GIS Can Help You Win the Farm

Agriculture Technology and Stuff Today’s farmers use sophisticated agriculture tec

What made Daimler buy a stake in what3words’ addressing system?

Daimler has acquired a 10% share in what3words – the UK-based startup which has reinvented

Zoser: Pioneers of Geo-based services in the MENA region

Zoser AG is a leading Swiss GIS company, providing distinctive Geo-spatial business solutions. Op

Map shows how much sooner you’ll die because of air pollution

Air pollution is bad for your health. But you already knew that. What you probably didn’t k

Blockchain in Geospatial Applications

I think there’s a need for disruption in the geospatial industry as centralized structures

The Game Changer of Geospatial Systems — Blockchain

Trustworthy and the potential to be a game-changer, the technology has the ability

Using Spatial Interaction Models to Predict Behaviors

Much of the data gathered by businesses, cities, and other organizations today contains at least

Locate: Explorers wanted

It’s time. Join us May 30–31st in San Francisco for our first user confere

From mapping Middle Earth to public health, geographic information systems finds space on campus

From combatting public health crises in Africa to creating maps of Middle Earth, Geographic Infor

Celebrating Google Maps: The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Unpleasant

What did we do before Google Maps, eh? If you were going somewhere in the 1990s and didn't kn

Have you registered for Geospatial World Forum 2018 yet?

Have you registered for Geospatial World Forum 2018 yet?

Unlocking Business Value with Open Source GIS

It has been estimated that 50 to 80 percent of modern enterprises aren’t using their locati

The Top Trends in Data Visualization for 2018

Data science is a rapidly growing career path and leaders across all industries, fields, and gove

Beirut Mapathon: The FoMSF Edition

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) is excited to invite you to the Beirut Mapathon FoMS

5 books and atlases you need to have on your map shelf

We love maps. Since you’re reading that post you must be a map addict as well. Our spatial

Showcase Your GIS Successes in the Map or App Gallery

The Esri Ocean GIS Forum is a can't-miss opportunity to share your GIS story and help shape the

Learn a New, Innovative Approach to Planning and Design

Registration for the 2018 Esri Geodesign Summit is now open. Sign up and reserve your spot today and

Language localization for maps

We have a new language plugin for that lets you localize the language of the

Participate in URISA’s 2017 GIS Salary Survey

How do you stack up? Is your organization offering a competitive salary package for pot

Microsoft launches AI for Earth to give $2M in services to environmental projects

After helping to launch the Partnership on AI with Google, Facebook and others; and doubling down on

Beirut Mapathon II

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors without Borders / أطباء بلا حدود is excited to invite you t

Global polio eradication initiative in need of GIS assistance - DRC - Second Recruitment

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is a public-private partnership led by national governments

Apple Maps now has transit directions for Singapore

SINGAPORE - Apple adds local transit directions to its Maps app today. Local users just need to quit

First Beirut Mapathon

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors without Borders / أطباء بلا حدود is excited to invite you t

The First Ever 3D Model of a Refugee Camp Made with UAV Imagery

A colleague of mine just returned from overseas where he flew a UAV as part of an independent explor


2016 saw a proliferation in the sources and speed for capturing location data. This was in large par

Berkeley project tests tracking imperiled forests with 3D multispectral drone imaging

Droughts, climate change and deforestation are putting forests at risk worldwide, so studying these

Help test a geo-form for [UN]cultivated

This request is for volunteers from [UN]cultivated (http://www.uncultivatedearth.org/).Their mission


Mapbox.cn has been launched, making Mapbox available at high speed in China. They are expanding glob

Groups take novel approaches to mapping Lebanon

Navigating Lebanon historically hinges on an informal system of landmarks and an intimate knowledge

HERE Top 50 Coding Challenge

Across any platform, HERE APIs make it easy to find the fastest route for mobile assets, track their

Join a network for early detection of earthquakes

Zizmos , a California based company,would like to ask your assistance in testing an application that

10 تحديات لعلوم البيانات الكبيرة تواجه المنظمات الانسانية

البيانات الكبيرة تشير إلى كمية مذهلة من المعلومات التي تم إنشاؤها كمنتج ثانوي لرقمنة حياتنا – تزايد

GIS is Collaborative

Your own GIS is simply your view into the larger system. It’s a two-way street. You consume informat

GIS Day in Lebanon is coming soon!

GIS Day provides an international forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology

GIS-Pro 2016 in Toronto: Registration Deadline Approaching!

URISA, in partnership with its Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia Chapters, is pleased to invite

Announcing the Mapbox Studio dataset editor

Today we are opening up access for all users to the Mapbox Studio dataset editor, a brand new tool f

Israel: offshore exploration and the Lebanese dimension

srael is planning to resume offshore exploration. After a four-year hiatus, new licenses are expecte

How to Implement Basic Search with Google Maps API

Google Maps has always been at the forefront of JavaScript technology, and over the years it has evo

Syria Civil War Map

Syrian Civil War Map is a website dedicated to show you all information about Civil War happening in

How to Geocode With the LatLon.io API

Maps are powerful tools that can be used in a variety of situations, from visualizing where customer

A New 50-Trillion-Pixel Image of Earth, Every Day!

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—It’s not just that Terra Bella Avenue would be an unremarkable street in Silic

Tahaki brought in the geography dimension to #Tech4Freedom

#Tech4Freedom is an amazing initiative by Samir Kassir Eyes (SK_Eyes) and UNESCO to bring together t

This satellite-based visualisation will show you how Rio changed for the Olympics

Organizing Olympic Games is a huge project not only for athletes but also for the host city. Brasil

GIS Specialist volunteer position for a project in Panama

The Azuero Earth Project [www.azueroearthproject.org], a US based nonprofit organization operating i

Here are the best guide maps so far for Pokémon Go

You no longer have to wander around hoping the Pokémon you’re desperate to catch stumble across your

Syria/Jordan politics: From haven to hell

-->THE hospitality of the Jordanian government reached its limits on June 21st, when a terrorist att

Doctors Without Borders Launches MapSwipe App to Help Crisis Areas

LONDON/NEW YORK, JULY 15, 2016 — The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without

Tahaki for Development

Creating meaningful maps just got easier"Tahaki for Development” is a public social platform that of

HarassMap Launches Campaign to Counter Sexual Harassment in Egypt’s Workplaces

An Egyptian initiative working to end social acceptability of sexual harassment launched a campaign

Registration is now open for ICCM 2016 in Manila!

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for ICCM 2016: Manila! Register hereYour pa

Mapped: The Islamic State Is Losing Its Territory — and Fast

At the end of 2014, the Islamic State controlled one-third of Iraq and one-third of Syria — a land m

Aramex leads $8.5M Series B in UK address startup

Aramex has led a $8.5 million Series B funding round in British startup What 3 Words, a startup that

2016 ESRI User Conference

The 2016 Esri User Conference is taking place in San Diego, June 28-July 1. The conference is design

Using GIS technology to map shelter allocation in Azraq refugee camp

Yahya Hassune, doesn’t take no for an answer, quite fortunately for UNHCR.About two years ago, Hassu

Who is Liveuamap?

Liveuamap collects all conflicts-, protests-, terrorism-, weapons-, war-, human rights-, health-, di

New imagery for Nairobi, Kenya

The new imagery covers all built up areas of Nairobi County and is available for editing on OpenStre

Peace Corps mapping for malaria prevention

For two hours, 15 volunteers got together to edit OpenStreetMap focusing on mapping the Milange dist

RiskMap analyzing threats around the world

Powered by Intelligine (Intelligence-Engine), RiskMap is a free to use security and risk mapping pla

Recent imagery in Calais France for Mapfugees

As part of our commitment to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, we just finished rendering an upda

This surprising map shows origins of each player on Euro 2016 championship

As the ongoing UEFA Euro 2016 football (aka soccer if you’re from the US) championship is keeping fa

11 beautiful old maps of the Middle East

The rise of smart phones and GPs means maps are now always a tap away – but Google Maps’ question fo

War on ISIS Interactive Map

An interactive map the shows international war on ISIS. This mapping application is part of LiveUAMa

Paris Bloodshed May Be the Latest of Many ISIS Attacks Around the World

By KAREN YOURISH, DEREK WATKINS and TOM GIRATIKANON, The New York Times ISIS Declares Provinces Acro

GISCorps volunteers are needed for geocoding locations in Niger

The University of Georgia Information Technology Outreach Services has requested the assistance of G

Bad maps that explain nothing (3)

How far away is Ohio?This map, a 2009 creation by @drewtoothpaste, is one of the great viral maps of



Volunteer(s) Sought to Document and Categorize Maps for Humanitarian Disaster Response

  Assistance from GISCorps is being requested in relation to the deployment of a prototype

Alternatives to ArcGIS, they exist!

 A few days ago I was using the app Pulse, when a post caught my attention by the title "Is the

New tool to map fishing activities in Europe

Fisheries areas with higher intensity are marked by grades of violet, with darker tonality showing h

Mapping The Geography of 2015 Through Massive News Mining

 The geography of the world’s news media as seen through the GDELT Project March-December 2015 

Data Management Tips in ArcGIS Online

  Like many of you, I frequently create Esri story maps and ArcGIS Online presentations fo

UNOSAT LIVE Map Complex Emergency Iraq

  This UNOSAT LIVE Map integrate geo-spatial data from a range of source to monitor comple

1968 USSR Study for Beirut Metro

  This is just to answer the recurring question that I get about the possibility of constr

Reading the ABC from Space

 A, what begins with A? There is Antarctica and the Arctic,algal blooms, acid rain, and the atm


Below is a list of jobs related to GIS that are currently being offered: UN Jobs: UNDP: Geographica

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.Here's an excerpt

Google Santa Tracker! Merry Christmas

 On his sleigh, arguable the fastest airborne vehicle in the world, Santa Whips from city to.Ex

Greece's parliament has voted to recognise Palestinian statehood - here are all the other countries that already do

On 22 December, Greece's parliament voted in a non-binding resolution to recognise the state of Pale

GISCorps seeks volunteer help making a promotional video

After more than a decade of volunteering missions, GISCorps and its volunteers have a rich history o

Tableau 9.2 is launched with MapBox integration!

The new version of includes Tableau’s gorgeous, code-free Mapbox integration.You can now add your cu

Mapping Antibiotic Resistance: Know The Germs In Your Neighborhood

You may have heard about Daniel Fells, the tight end on the New York Giants who almost lost his foot

Maps are so Powerful

 It's no secret that online maps are one of the most universally used of all modern digital rep

Guides to getting started with Mapbox Studio

  MapBox just added three new guides to help you design beautiful maps in Mapbox Studio.St

GIS Day 2015

 Today marks the GIS Day, as it provides an international forum for users of geographic informa

Leveraging Eqlim geopolitical data and Skybox analytics to monitor supply chain risk

Monitoring geopolitical events over Ceyhan oil and gas infrastructure network — click here for anima

In case you thought most foreign aid went to poor people, let me depress you with one great map

[caption align="aligncenter"] A beautiful graphic by Raul Amoros.[/caption]By: Humanosphere


An inscrutably blue map of dance songsWhen the dance music site EDM published this map of the top Pa


A great map for trolling RussiaThe official Canadian delegation to NATO has one of the diplomatic wo

Zain is recruiting Geo-Marketing Team Leader

Zain Group is recruiting Geo-Marketing Team Leader, to use Geographic Information System application

MapBox acquired three million km2 of super high resolution imagery

MapBox just acquired three million square kilometers of the freshest, highest resolution 30 cm image


CNN confuses Libya with LebanonTripoli, the capital of Libya, is on a totally different continent fr


Super Bowl wins by countryAmerican greatness, in one map. Source: vox.comBy: @Max_Fisher


The wrongest world map ever published?Map nerds on Reddit spent hours trying to figure out what is g

Bad Maps that explain nothing

Maps can enlighten us and make us see things differently; they can show how demographics, history, o

R Programming: Who, Where and What

The “sexiest job” has the sexiest demand, and R is one of their leading weapons. Here, we are trying

Europe's Top Digital Cities

The European Digital City Index has ranked London the top European city for its support for digital

How Lebanon and its diaspora can mutually benefit in the startup ecosystem [Opinion]

Editor's note: this is the first of two articles on diaspora engagement.Connecting a diaspora and it

This interactive website shows how wrong Mercator projections can be

Do you realize how tiny Greenland really is? The most common type of map hugely distorts its true si

Syria's war: A 5-minute history

Syria's war has killed at least 250,000 people and displaced 12 million. To understand how Syria got

The Diaspora Map

IdEA is focused on fostering capacity development for our members as well as the diaspora sector. As

Mapping of USAID Projects Across the Globe

Through assistance programs, USAID plays an active and critical role in the promotion of U.S. foreig


Data on geographical locations (governorates, districts, cities, villages, camps, schools etc…) in a

The Mapping Birthday

On 9/11, I have celebrated my birthday! As a wishes, I have received birthday card from Middle East

Syrian Refugees Location in Neighboring Countries

Since the Syrian Crisis, the number of refugees has been accelerated in the neighboring countries of

RunKeeper in Lebanon

RunKeeper is the largest and most global mobile fitness platform, with over 36 million users and int


The annual FOSS4G conference is the largest global gathering focused on open source geospatial solut

ESRI Middle East and North Africa User Conference: Registration Open

Join the Middle East and North African geospatial communities in Abu Dhabi to celebrate geographic i

Volunteers Assistance is needed for a Crowd Sourcing Project in Yemen

Geotag-X is an initiative set up by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research’s Operati

The Lebanese You Stink is visualized on Twitter

The Lebanese GIS and cartographer Hany Imam has designed world map, showing the latest tweets of "Yo


All events taking place in the MENA region, and affiliated to the Mapping, Geospatial Technology, an

Hany Imam

GIS- Information Management Officer at United Nations - Resident Coordinators Office in Lebanon.


Person, place, time: these are the basic elements of outbreak investigations and epidemiology. Histo


ReliefWeb has been the leading source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global cri

This map shows where women outnumber men around the world

Overall, the number of men to women in the world is a pretty evenly split.Read more: http://www.busi

Work with Municipalities of Lebanon

The work with Municipalities map tries to give the most comprehensive picture to date of support pro

DigitalGlobe Partners With Mapbox To Launch Its Maps API

DigitalGlobe, the publicly traded, high-res imagery service that owns its own fleet of satellites, h

Launching of GIRMS

GIRMS is an abbreviation of Geography, Information, Remote Sensing, Mapping, and Systems.It is the h

Where the Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria Are Coming From

At least 20,000 fighters have traveled to Syria and Iraq over the course of the recent conflicts in

MENA startup launches to make sense of complex geopolitical big data

MENA start up launches to make sense of complex geopolitical big data via Wamda

Damage Assessment of Kobane, Syria- UNOSAT


New York Times Maps destruction in Syria

By SERGIO PEÇANHA and JEREMY WHITE FEB. 13, 2015Recent satellite image analysis by Unitar-Unosat, an

GIS: Mapping your World

This 10 minute video describes how geographic information systems (GIS) are transforming our worl