Alternatives to ArcGIS, they exist!

Feb 24, 2016

 A few days ago I was using the app Pulse, when a post caught my attention by the title "Is there an alternative to ArcGIS?", written by the Country Manager of ESRI Ireland.I admit that when I saw the title I was very curious to know how the author would address the issue, because I didn’t believe that he would give suggestions for alternative tools to ArcGIS platform (for obvious reasons).When I read the post I saw that the author focused on ArcGIS as a platform, and mentioned that there is no alternative to it.Maybe not on the market a single platform as complete as ArcGIS, and maintained by the same company, but we can stop the "lack of alternative" here.When I think in alternatives I don’t think of a single supplier, but in features / tools necessary to meet the needs of my business, and based on this point, I say YES, there are alternatives to ArcGIS.Read more on LinkedIn PulseBy; Fernando Quadro