Volunteer(s) Sought to Document and Categorize Maps for Humanitarian Disaster Response

Mar 06, 2016

  Assistance from GISCorps is being requested in relation to the deployment of a prototype system for improving how crisis maps are accessed by key decision makers during emergency response.  This is the amalgamation of outputs from a number of projects, including the Map Review being done by a collaboration including UNOSAT and the University of Tilburg, and the Decision Makers and Coordinated Data Scramble Communities Of Interest (COI) of the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN).The system uses dashboard filters based on the key questions identified by field-based decision makers, and the key data needs identified by the Assessment Capacities Project prioritized by the Focused task force on information analysis in the first 72 hrsHumanitarianResponse.info has agreed to test the prototype system for the Fiji maps by replacing the current filter with a dashboard.A demo has already been developed, and we plan to work with experienced designers of dashboards to improve the look a usability.The request for GISCorps involves documenting map metadata for the current Fiji response, so that it can be ingested by the dashboard.  This includes documenting map name, date, URL, levels of administrative units shown, identification of features shown, and what key humanitarian and disaster relief issues are addressed using the map.A draft organizational scheme is in place, but one or two volunteers are needed to review the data and identify their characteristics using the schema. This is a pilot project and may undergo some revision as it progresses and experience is attained in using the schema. The volunteer(s) will provide feedback about the methodology being developed. Maps related to the recent Tropical Cyclone Winston that hit Fiji will be the focus of this initial pilot project.Qualifications:•       Access to the Internet;•       Experience with and access to Excel or Google spreadsheet software;•       Understanding of cartographic principles and symbolization and excellent map reading skills;•       Understanding of how maps are used in humanitarian response and decision making;•       Excellent decision-making, verbal, and written skills•       Dashboard design skills are not necessary, but anyone with these skills will be welcome to help with further development of the dashboardsDuration: volunteer shall commit to ~5 hours per week for approximately two weeks or until the methodology is fully tested and evaluated.Software: volunteers will use an online version of Excel or google spreadsheets (whichever is preferred)Type of mission: this mission does NOT require traveling and is conducted remotely. The volunteer(s) will be using their own hardware and will be working closely with the Map Review team via emails, Skype, etc.If you are interested and available, please send an email along with your resume to: recruit@giscorps.org by midnight March 10th 2016.