GISCorps volunteers are needed for geocoding locations in Niger

Nov 03, 2015

The University of Georgia Information Technology Outreach Services has requested the assistance of GISCorps volunteers for geocoding 3,300+ locations in Niger. The final dataset will become publicly available on Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) .Qualifications: GIS Technician or Analyst: Use geographic information systems (GIS) to collect, analyze, and display geographic data. Specifically, ITOS is seeking volunteers to find geocodes for named places in Niger. Use inductive and deductive reasoning to search multiple geographic data sources and find latitude and longitudes coordinates for named villages and cities. Volunteers will need to submit a gmail account to get access to data and instructions and will need internet access to search for locations. A full protocol can be found online: The volunteer must have access to own hardware and GIS software.Duration: The volunteer must be able to commit to this project for the 1-3 months, 5-7 hours per week. The work starts immediately.Type of mission: This mission does NOT require traveling and is conducted remotely. The volunteer will be using their own hardware and will be working closely with ITOS representatives throughout the project via emails, phone/Skype, etc.If you are interested and available, please send an email to: by November 7th 2015.