Who is Liveuamap?

Jun 27, 2016

Liveuamap collects all conflicts-, protests-, terrorism-, weapons-, war-, human rights-, health-, disasters-, weather- related stories from open-data sources, based on region you’re most interested in.Liveuamap shows geolocated stories on the map with all necessary data that could help you to understand these stories.Liveuamap looking for new stories with the help of robot algorithm and with help of our editors and contributors. All stories geolocated, translated and added to the map by editors, contributors or with help of story source. Editors decide what story should be displayed on the map to minimize spam, however, team is working on platform that will enable ability to edit map or create own maps for anyone.Liveuamap was founded in 2014 by the team of software developers and journalists to tell the world about Ukrainian revolution. Liveuamap was inspired by strategy video games and showing all news as "colored units" on the map.Now Liveuamap cover more than 30 regions and topics, offers translations in several languages. Could be downloaded from Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Market for Android or "classic" be viewed in any modern browser.Our ultimate goal is predict and prevent future conflicts and disasters with help of bigdata analysis. Very soon Liveuamap will advice you on secure travelling around our globe.