Tahaki for Development

Jul 13, 2016

Creating meaningful maps just got easier

"Tahaki for Development” is a public social platform that offers free simple mapping tools to civil societies to allow them to communicate their messages through meaningful maps.
 Present our MENA region through the different lenses of its people.
Engage in conversations around our social topics.

Creating meaningful maps just got easier

Using Tahaki platform, you will be able easily to transform your data to interactive maps simplifying a complex problem and allowing you to have a bird’s eye view of the situation.

Public Engagement & Collaboration with other CSOs

Trigger the attention of the public and encourage collaboration with other CSOs and donors. Publish your maps through Tahaki or embed within your own website.  Create conversations with the public through Tahaki social tools.

Data Ownership 

Tahaki for Development is a secure platform for CSOs that will allow you to publish your maps through Tahaki portal securely. All maps published will be copyrighted to the publisher.


Tahaki is currently available in Arabic and English and soon other languages.

Join Now.

Do you have data that you would like to map and publish on your website and on Tahaki? Visit www.tahaki.com and start creating your maps or get in touch and we will help you create your maps.