Join a network for early detection of earthquakes

Nov 28, 2016

Zizmos , a California based company,would like to ask your assistance in testing an application that detects earthquakes and provides seconds to minutes of warning before the onset of ground shaking.Zizmos, a Palo Alto based company focused on providing warnings immediately preceding strong ground shaking during earthquakes, has released an iOS version of their mobile application eQuake. The application is available for download in the App Store. You can find a similar application for Android.Zizmos is attempting to build and leverage a network of smartphones and permanent, custom seismometers with the aim of detecting earthquakes and providing seconds to minutes of warning before the onset of ground shaking. Such a warning would be distributed to individuals that have the eQuake application on their smartphones or mobile devices and could provide enough time for individuals to get to a safe location before shaking starts, slow passenger trains to prevent derailment, or warn hospitals engaged in surgery.What do you need to do?To achieve this goal, Zizmos needs as many people as possible to download and run the eQuake mobile application. Without a large network of smartphones acting as roaming seismometers and transmitting information to Zizmos for processing, detecting earthquakes for the purpose of early warning is not possible.To alleviate the concerns of smartphone owners that often see background applications drain batteries, Zizmos has designed eQuake to minimize battery use. As an additional battery saving mechanism, eQuake is designed to switch to “sensor” mode only if all three of the following criteria are met: 1) the device is connected to WiFi, 2) the phone is charging, and 3) the phone battery level is greater than 80%.An important note is that if a user force quits the application, that device stops contributing to the network and will thus not receive warning if they are issued. Without people transmitting data to contribute to the detection network, there is no earthquake early warning.For all questions related to this project and the application itself, please contact Zizmos at: