Dec 09, 2016 has been launched, making Mapbox available at high speed in China. They are expanding global Mapbox API infrastructure to bring the fastest possible service to anyone using our maps in China or through Chinese mobile carriers internationally.Traditional map services are either blocked in China or suffer from slow internet connections. Our infrastructure allows for unparalleled speed advantages for mobile users both inside and out of the country. is the same mapping platform that’s powering hundreds of millions of users for companies like Airbnb,, and Pinterest, but running directly in adds an Amazon Web Services region and 20 additional edge servers in China to our global configuration of 9 regions and 79 edge servers. This is both expanding our edge caching network into China and our ability to serve maps directly from within the country. In all, speeds up the experience for users around the world. Our Mapbox API endpoints are fast no matter where a user is viewing maps from. Good network performance within China is not only important for fast domestic services, but also critical when Chinese travelers use maps abroad. When roaming, phones connect through the carrier network to the home country and only access the internet there. Our infrastructure is architected to serve fast maps in China and for Chinese travelers across the world.To learn more about maps for China check out (Chinese) or email us to request early access.By: Eric Gundersen