Help test a geo-form for [UN]cultivated

Dec 12, 2016

This request is for volunteers from [UN]cultivated (

Their mission is to preserve indigenous knowledge while cultivating food systems in harmony with nature.They believe that collaboration between indigenous knowledge holders and mainstream scientific research can generate new co-produced knowledge that will enable effective action to cope with climate change while meeting current and future food demands.In moving forward with achieving their vision, [UN]cultivated has started an initiative to support local food production as a means of mitigating climate change and building resilient food systems.In support of this initiative, [UN]cultivated has created a webmap to show the location of businesses contributing food to their local system, as well as a geoform to allow users to add new contributors to the map.The purpose of the collaboration with GISCorps is to test the data entry workflow/geoform and get feedback from the global community before launching a campaign to promote the use of the application.Volunteers will be expected to input sources of local food (e.g. restaurants, farms, community-supported agriculture, farmer’s markets) in their community, either from internet based research, or personal knowledge. This data will help people learn where they can go to support all those in their local community who grow, harvest, and process food, including women, family farmers, herders, fisherpeople, forest dwellers, and indigenous peoples.This is a crowdsourced project that any current GISCorps volunteer may participate in. To participate, please sign up here, where you will find further information (Please read and follow the instructions carefully). Volunteers shall commit to at least one hour of data entry per day for a minimum of three days.Software: Volunteers must use their own hardware and software. The project only requires internet access through a web browser.Type of mission: This mission does NOT require traveling and is conducted remotely.If you are interested and available, please sign up. This project will remain open through January 2017.Volunteers interested in continuing on the project after the initial GISCorps commitment should sign up to volunteer on the [UN]cultivated website: