Dec 21, 2016

2016 saw a proliferation in the sources and speed for capturing location data. This was in large part due to mobile devices, which has shaped the digital commerce experience and transformed every industry. Spatial analysis is fast becoming the obvious solution for businesses to navigate this diverse digital and physical terrain. Executives and professionals are relying on capabilities to scale large datasets and easy-to-use interfaces to deliver insights for accurate and differentiated decisions.It is no surprise then, that in 2017, actions based on location data will have considerable influence on the sustainability of organizations. That’s why CARTO is proposing the quadruple promise of connecting: people, the planet, profit, and purpose through location intelligence. Setting resolutions can be tough, so reach out. We are happy to help you on the right path to your success!
CARTO Builder

The easy-to-use LI tool for all people

Spatial analysis, like many areas of analytics, has traditionally been the purview of specialists. The tools they used were too esoteric for much of the organization, and cycles of insight production were slow. Now, a transformation has taken hold in the industry, and the creation and use of spatial insights is rapidly spreading across the enterprise, allowing for diverse insights and perspectives.Location intelligence is finding its way into sales, customer relationship management (CRM), customer support, human resources, marketing, technology management, and many other areas. Teams are no longer just consuming spatial insights provided by specialist teams, they are generating their own.
CartoDB to CARTO

A name with a purpose

From the very beginning, we have always strived to provide a set of tools that would allow for the seamless development of spatial applications on a user friendly platform. We also knew that location applications did not have to look like old GIS desktop tools migrated to the web, and developers did not need to be spatial database experts.We saw our overall mission, making location intelligence (LI) widely accessible, as an opportunity to rebrand to CARTO. We dropped the “DB” because we are an LI platform. Universalizing LI starts with enabling spatial analysis without the need to learn SQL, code, or complex modeling. CARTO makes discovering key insights fundamental for the data analyst and business specialist alike.

The great mobile world

Portable and wearable technology, by and large, was the most disruptive venture for businesses in 2016 according to Forbes and Fortune magazine. The location data generated by mobile devices is forcing businesses to adapt to the new landscape shaped by an influx of big data, the Internet of Things, and sensors.In February we acquired Nutiteq, a pioneer in native mobile mapping. The Estonian company, joined us after more than eight years of experience developing mobile applications. From powering indoor maps to guiding adventures with the Lonely Planet mobile application, you can discover innovation for your business through mobile software application development. The mobile SDK is available under our Engine plans.
CARTO everywhere

Strength in numbers

As our team and network continues to grow, we've expanded our office locations to accomdate growth in every direction. CARTO now has work spaces in the Washington, D.C area and London, and more than 160 partners in 5 continents.We can no longer think about our future from a singular or dual perspective. The power of location intelligence is truly global.
Source: CARTO