Apple Maps now has transit directions for Singapore

May 10, 2017

SINGAPORE - Apple adds local transit directions to its Maps app today. Local users just need to quit the Apple Maps app and restart it to see the option for Transit in the app.Transit offers a thorough step-by-step guide to get users from point A to point B using public transport options such as┬ábuses and MRT. It will even indicate which is the best MRT exit or platform to take.It comes with local signages that carefully recreates the MRT branding, so the directions shown have the same icons seen on the MRT or bus. Thus, users will not be confused.The Apple Maps team in California travelled to Singapore specifically just to obtain the two fonts needed for the exact imagery. In addition, Apple has specially-designed icons for local points of interest, such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Gardens by the Bay, in the app.Transit in Apple Maps is also available in the US, Great Britain, China and Japan, as well as over 40 metro areas around the world. 

The Apple Maps now shows the MRT lines with their respective colour codes. PHOTO: APPLE
The Transit option in Apple Maps will even show you which MRT platform to take. PHOTO: APPLE
The Apple Maps Transit offers step-by-step guidance using the local public transport system. PHOTO: APPLE
Apple Maps has specially-designed icons for local points of interest like Gardens by the Bay. PHOTO: APPLE