Global polio eradication initiative in need of GIS assistance - DRC - Second Recruitment

Jun 02, 2017

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is a public-private partnership led by national governments with five partners – the World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Its goal is to eradicate polio worldwide.Recently two separate outbreaks of circulating vaccine derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) have been reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), one in Haut Lomami province and one in Maniema. requires assistance from GISCorps volunteers in digitizing building points from high resolution imagery which will facilitate the preparation of the micro-plans for the upcoming vaccination campaigns in these areas.  More information on the micro-plan process is included in a story map IS A CROWDSOURCE MISSION. The initial phase of the project requires digitizing building points in select areas of the DRC within the Esri’s ArcGIS Online (AGO) platform. This project has been in a pilot phase for a few days and we are on track to now add more users.Volunteers who commit will be provided with a temporary GISCorps ArcGIS Online account for the duration of the project. This project will need both short-term (weeks) and long-term (months) volunteers. We will need digitizers and data validators. As the project expands and becomes more established, we will recruit long-term project managers.Qualifications:Knowledge of AGO, including familiarity with:use of web apps (no development involved)data creation methodsworking with AGO feature layersExperience with heads-up digitizing;Experience with image interpretation;Performs at a high degree of accuracyAbility to strictly follow instructions;Solid internet connectivity for high resolution image access.Duration: Volunteers are needed immediately for intensive data capture and ideally available for three months as the project expands to multiple provinces.Software: Volunteers must use their own hardware and software. You do not need Desktop GIS software, only web browser access. All editing will be done within the AGO platform using a temporary GISCorps AGO account. Volunteers should be somewhat familiar with AGO, Google Docs, Slack, and Skype for communication.Type of mission: This mission does NOT require traveling and will be conducted remotely.If you are interested and available, please sign up to participate here: instruction on the protocol will be found at that link. We will continually update the protocols as the project progresses.