AR and 3D in a secure environmentAR and 3D in a secure environment

Sep 18, 2018

By: Becky Harris

Atlas, our on-premises mapping and location platform, lets you access AR and 3D visualizations offline and in a secure environment with our Maps SDK for Unity. Now you can combine the speed, customizability, and visualization capabilities of our vector tiles with the customization of our Map SDK, all on a privately hosted solution.

Top Left to Right: AR mesh and rendering of Big Bend; Preview of custom styling in Unity; Adding objects in AR; Live traffic data in a reimagined New York City

With the Maps SDK for Unity in Atlas, you can create immersive experiences, simulations, and visualizations. For example:

  • Build animated topographical maps in 3D based on your proprietary data sets for bathymetry data, elevation data, or road networks.
  • Tell stories about a city’s population, accessibility, or utility usage, and other planning needs through 3D visualization techniques.
  • Preview routes for drone flights in 3D before you fly. Add points of interest, addresses, and other map labels to help indicate route instructions if someone else will be operating the drone.
  • Create fully immersive location-based VR games, training exercises, and location-based simulations on the Unity platform, while keeping your customer data and other IP secure.

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