SatSummit 3

Sep 26, 2018

There’s something profound about looking at Earth from high above. I’m feeling that more than ever after an amazing two days at #SatSummit, after connecting with so many of the biggest players putting that perspective into action to reach new frontiers for global development.

We covered big opportunities and successes — how the World Bank is improving global poverty measurement, how Bogotá and Ho Chi Minh City set development priorities, how Facebook, Mercy Corps, and NASA are building cross-sector partnerships, how The New York Times and Daily Overview are finding new ways to tell compelling stories, how the UN, USDA, and the European Space Agency are monitoring crop health and food security.

And we talked through big challenges — opening data access, removing the ground-truth bottleneck to unlock more data insight, and the ethics and social responsibility around collecting data as resolution and recognition open up the potential to collect personal information.

See below for some of the highlights, announcements, discussions, and of course, a party with satellites, an incredible cake, and a real astronaut!

Product launches and announcements:


Panels, conversations and workshops:


And the party!