EagleView’s imagery explorer shows the impact of Hurricane Florence from above

Sep 26, 2018

EagleView built an imagery viewer that combines multiple data sources to show the effects of Hurricane Florence. The viewer is helping evacuated homeowners see their property and make informed decisions before returning home.

EagleView has more 400 million high-resolution images in its aerial image library, including imagery in the Carolinas taken as recently as the last few months. Immediately following the storm, EagleView began capturing new pictures of the effected areas using drones and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as source images from satellites. The viewer allows homeowners and other interested parties to view the pre- and post-hurricane images side-by-side, down to a single address.

More than one week after Hurricane Florence made landfall in North and South Carolina, structure damage and record flooding continue to threaten property and people. Satellites and aircraft are collecting an enormous volume of overhead imagery, but organizing and distributing it to officials responsible for storm response and the general public is a huge challenge. EagleView’s viewer combines its own imagery with imagery and data from NOAA and other public sources, making it one of the most comprehensive resources for pre and post-event pictures.

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EagleView delivers high-resolution aerial imagery and property data to local governments and federal government agencies, P&C insurance carriers, utilities, and construction businesses. EagleView products and services help these entities accelerate their post-storm response activities and ultimately get communities back to normal more quickly. Open the viewer to see the latest imagery.