Kinetica Kickbox.js built with Mapbox GL

Oct 07, 2018

Our partners at Kinetica just launched Kickbox.js for Mapbox GL, an open source code acceleration library designed to expedite and simplify custom geospatial web app development. This robust library removes friction for developers using Mapbox and Kinetica, making it easy to visualize real-time location analytics from Kinetica on a Mapbox map.

You don’t need to be an expert in GIS, JavaScript, or mapping applications to get started. All it takes is 25 lines of code to start overlaying images representing massive amounts of data on Mapbox.

Kickbox.js is already helping the automotive industry access the rapid proliferation of new sensors around the world (from smartphones to connected devices to vehicles) to power autonomous driving, transportation and delivery, and smart cities. Check out this autonomous vehicle demo that uses Kickbox,js to visualize 28 million data points on our map to show simulated GPS tracks from a fleet of autonomous vehicles.


With Kickbox.js, developers can focus on building solutions that help them to use data to drive their business and bring custom location-based mapping apps to market faster. Together with Kinetica, we’re helping organizations harness the power of location intelligence. To get started with Kickbox.js, head over to Github to download it today!