New map styles and vector tiles for Tableau

Oct 25, 2018

The excitement at Tableau Conference 2018 about the addition of vector maps is off the charts. Congratulations, Tableau! We can’t wait to see what your users will create with the addition of fast, fluid vector maps complete with building footprints and new map styles.

If you’re at the Tableau Conference, let’s meet up! Stop by our booth to chat vector maps and more. In the meantime, take a look at a few of our favorite visualizations in Tableau:
Health care providers identifying and reaching at-risk patients faster. More informed disaster planning. Visualizations by Allan Walker and Anya A’Hearn.
Helping businesses identify new potential customers and grow their market share. Helping telecommunications companies drill down into call data and make decisions about where to place new towers. Visualizations by Anya A’Hearn and Allan Walker.
Identifying bank branch and transaction anomalies. Reducing wait time for passengers by routing drivers to areas of high demand. Visualizations by Anya A’Hearn and Allan Walker.
Helping users find affordable housing markets, by Craig Bloodworth. Do u believe? By Adam Crahan.
Trash collection on the move, by Jeffrey Shaffer. 100,000 aircraft flights mapped in Tableau, by Allan Walker, Anya A’Hearn & Joe Mako.
100,000 New York City taxi trips, by Allan Walker, Anya A’Hearn & Noah Salvaterra. Helping paraglider pilots benchmark their flights, and plan how to fly even further, by Neil Charles.