Maps fresh off the [Word]press!

Nov 13, 2018

Wordpress users: You’re in luck! Victor Temprano, the founder of Vancouver-based Mapster, developed a new Wordpress plugin for Mapbox GL JS, making it easier and faster than ever to add a custom map to your website.

With over 200 active users already, the free plugin makes extensive use of Mapbox tools, including Studio styles and the Mapbox GL JS library. There’s also a premium version of the plugin, which includes additional features such as geolocation, prefilling directions, custom categories, and just launched 3D map shapes.

As a self-taught programmer and freelance web developer, Victor first started using Mapbox when he worked on a volunteer project, Native Land. Native Land visualizes data of traditional territories, languages, and treaties of Indigenous people across the Americas and Australia, and was featured in YES Magazine and CBC News.

Victor’s volunteer project Native Land.

While working on Native Land, Victor realized there was no Wordpress plugin and no Udemy course on how to use Mapbox. He knew this was an opportunity to make it easier to integrate maps to Wordpress sites, which many of Mapster’s clients use for their websites. So he set out to build one.

“I was surprised there were no other Wordpress plugins, so I went for it. My favorite part of Mapbox tools is the overall customizability — and it doesn’t take an extremely map proficient person to get involved.” — Victor Temprano

The free plugin includes the following features and more:

  • Live preview editor — see your map as you build it
  • Add unlimited markers by address or drag and drop feature
  • Customize your marker popups and icons using text, images, video, GIFs and more!
  • 10 awesome styles to choose from and the option to enter custom styles
  • Add custom overlays including lines and fills
  • Location search and directions
  • Tutorials and support from Mapbox GL JS experts
  • Shortcode allowing custom width, height, map options, style
  • Shortcode allowing multiple styles to be shown on one map

The Premium plugin adds features like:

  • Over 100 icons with different colors available
  • More controls like geolocation, prefilling directions, custom categories
  • Map filters and layer filters
  • 3D map shapes
  • Opacity control
  • Import and export of map data
  • Syncing and working with Mapbox datasets

According to the Mapster team: “We support this plugin actively and we are very open to adding new features, so just get in touch with us if one of your needs isn’t being met! We’re all about making sure this plugin works the way you need it to in order to make some amazing maps.” The premium plugin is now live, feel free to check it out here.