Bad Maps that explain nothing

Oct 26, 2015

Maps can enlighten us and make us see things differently; they can show how demographics, history, or countless other factors interact with human and physical geography. But sometimes, maps can be utter disasters, because they're either wrong or simply very dumb. Here is a collection of maps so hilariously bad that you may never trust the form again.We will be featuring series of 27 maps that are terribly very bad, and make no sense.The Wall Street Journal's election mapConfusing Electoral MapIn 2012, President Obama won reelection, and the famously conservative Wall Street Journal opinion page was outraged. Alongside an editorial downplaying Obama's victory, they printed this map of the election results — which surely looked great on the full-color layout computers, but did not translate so well into black and white.Source: vox.comBy: @Max_Fisher