MapBox acquired three million km2 of super high resolution imagery

Oct 29, 2015

MapBox just acquired three million square kilometers of the freshest, highest resolution 30 cm imagery available from DigitalGlobe, the largest satellite company in the world. The imagery was captured by DG’s new WorldView-3 satellite – the most advanced high-resolution satellite in history, outside of any crazy government spy satellites that we don’t know about.WorldView-3 can collect roughly the area of Texas every day and handles space-to-ground transfer using an X-band radio link more than a hundred times faster than a home Internet connection. This combination of quantity and quality is unprecedented.

Prioritizing imagery collection

 Three million square kilometers is a ton of imagery. It’s enough to cover all of the world’s urban areas, California seven times over, or the entire land area of India. But it won’t give us a complete global update.To make sure we’re covering the most important places on the map, our satellite team is now selecting areas that need updates, and our data analysis team is systematizing a process for finding missing or low-res imagery worldwide. The results are building a tightly focused list of where we will allocate the three million square kilometers: Using a grid system, our data analysis team systematically identifies priority areas. Colors represent different metrics.Read more... Source: MapBox BlogBy: Eric Gunderson