GISCorps seeks volunteer help making a promotional video

Dec 14, 2015

4f768948fe53a88c1ffc991e64fc92741After more than a decade of volunteering missions, GISCorps and its volunteers have a rich history of making a difference in humanitarian support. That story needs to be told and they are missing an opportunity to use videography to tell our story.GISCorps has many example missions that include photos and written stories. See “Our Projects” on the GISCorps web page at However, there is no video material on these missions to incorporate in a video. Voice and moving video material would require new material.Examples of the sort of video we have in mind can be seen at the following sites: is a program of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) and has very limited funding resources. Therefore, though we can pay for out-of-pocket expenses, we are looking for someone who will volunteer their time and expertise for this project.Please contact GISCorpsif you have experience in making professional quality videos and an interest in helping to make a short (2-3 minutes) video about GISCorps. Please reply to by January 10th with a brief description of your experience with videography.